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Marie Curie (born Sklodowska) was a famous physicist and chemist. She was also the first woman, who received a Nobel Prize and even two times in her life, and both were given to her for inventions and discoveries in science. She was also the first woman, who became a professor…

“Through hardships to the stars” — an unbelievable story of a world-famous brand.

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Finland has quite many interventions, that’s why it was a bit hard for me to choose exactly one of them from the list and tell particularly about it in my text.

First, I should say that Finland…

Michael Jackson was one of the most famous Peter Pans

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Peter Pan Syndrome is a term that is used to describe an adult male or female who is socially immature. However, the syndrome is not an officially recognized mental health condition, so it is impossible to get officially diagnosed with it.

One of the common traits of people with Peter…

The pandemic has been tough, but it has definitely taught us a lot


Nowadays nobody is will be surprised to see a person wearing a face mask or standing two meters apart from others in order to keep a safe distance. Something that had been weird and unusual just around a year ago is now a new norm.

One of the first things…

A small guide on how to become a better version of yourself.

  1. Your imperfections make you stand out — be yourself because it is the only person you can truly be
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Everyone has a different journey, with different past, present, and future, everyone has got their own path to follow.

Our society is filled with social norms and moral laws that can’t…

I will be honest, I don’t play video games

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I am one of those people, who has almost never played video games at all. When I was smaller, then sometimes I played video games with my friends, however, even then I was not considering that as the funniest thing to do. I usually preferred to stay outside playing with…

Religion, as well as religious studies at public schools, is one of these topics that gets people talking about.

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Religious studies are discussed a lot nowadays, especially when they come to be a modern school syllabus a mandatory part. One of the reasons for having debates might be that there is no right or wrong opinion about it, and that’s why people can discuss the topic endlessly.

At first…

Tyyni Risak

Young and ambitious writer from Finland.

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